Impressions of Akçaabat


Trabzon, a beauty of the Black Sea. This city has everything – the sea, leafage, tablelands and history. Today I wanted to show you some impressions of Akçaabat.

Sun Rise

The Black Sea


Akçaabat Port




Köfte – Turkish Burgers


Hi guys, 

today’s recipe is a traditional one. These Köfte are good as burgers, between Turkish bread with tomatoes and cucumber. Also the combination of Köfte and Turkish rice, green salad and potato puree or potato omelette makes a yummy menu. I believe there are plenty of other possible menus with Köfte! So definitely try this 🙂


for the meatballs:

  • 500 g mixed minced meat (veal and lamb)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 shredded onion
  • 2 slices of  bread (2-3 days old), dipped in water and squashed
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 3 teaspoons of salt and pepper each
  • 3 dessertspoons of cumin
  • 40 g chopped parsley
  • 1 teaspoon paprika powder

for frying:

  • 2 tablespoons cooking oil
  • 1 glass of (ca 300 ml) hot water


  1. In a bowl mix all ingredients for the meatballs and knead well.
  2. Shape round, flat meatballs.
  3. In a frying pan, heat the cooking oil until it is hot.
  4. Add the meatballs and fry both sides until they are a golden brown colour. (The meatballs might not fit in the pan at once, just fry one by one and then put on top of each other in step 5.)
  5. Add the hot water and cover the pan, cook for 25 minutes.

Medicus Rice

My Ramadhan 2014

Hey guys,

this rice is called “İbn-i Sina health rice” (İbn-i Sina Sağlık Pilavı) in turkish, named after the famous Medicus aka İbn-i Sina (980-1037). Being colorful, sweet and salty at the same time this dish is fun and exciting to taste! Actually, in the original recipe meat is also an ingredient, but I prefer the veggie version. Because it has a lot of good ingredients, it is considered to be very healthy and if you want to try something entirely different, you should cook this!

For the instructions click on the picture in the top left corner of the gallery below!

From food to philosophy

My Ramadhan 2014


Hello everyone 🙂

Me and my lovely aunt had been very diligent yesterday and cooked a delicious menu for iftar. Well, not quite as diligent as we had the soup of the day before … But no one wants to waste food, right? Still, what endet up on the plate was way too much for my idle stomach. You see, when breaking the fast you will feel sated quickly and finishing the dish was quite a challenge 😀 When cooking something yourself and fasting the whole day, throwing away food will be something hard to take … So you force yourself to eat.

During the month of Ramadhan, muslims abstain from food and beverages during the time between sun rise and sun set. After a couple of days your body starts to adapt, your stomach shrinks. You start to concentrate on prayer and contemplation. In today’s lifestyle however, fasting can be quite tough as our professional life is not designed to grant us one month of ease. We have to be fully capable every moment. Connecting to God and being at peace with oneself can become difficult.

The moment I am the hungriest and my body is thirsting for water – that’s when I really start to reflect. When my mind feels numb and my face starts burning. Then, lots of things go through my head: “If I am feeling weakend after a few hours of fasting, how would starving feel? Or dying of thirst? I will be able to eat and drink after sunset but there are too many people who won’t.”

I am convinced that fasting truly makes you understand hunger and thirst. You will be astonished the moment your body really reacts to not being fed. First you forget the hunger, but then you start to feel a little dizzy. Now your whole body starts telling you to eat, not your stomach anymore. If your mind is not strong enough, hunger and thirst will be the only things you think of. This is not the point of fasting though. We are not fasting to complain so we have to stop focusing on our stomach.

Once you get over the hunger, fasting brings you back down to earth. Knowing hunger is one thing, but feeling it is entirely different. The hunger is what makes you feel profoundly grateful. Knowing how it feels to have a full stomach is a great thing! This feeling of gratitude warms your heart and opens up your spirit. You start to reflect your intentions and eventually bond closer to God.

Fasting is not only about hunger and thirst. It also means to abstain from anything that would pull you away from God. Backbiting. Lying. Disrespect. All the things you are not supposed to do anyway. During Ramadhan, we should keep all our bad habbits to a minimum and free ourself from negativity. We should focus on prayer and good deeds. It could be something as simple as making someone smile or helping your mother out in the kitchen to something bigger, like gaining knowledge. Whatever you do, do it with good intentions. So you can have a fresh start when the fast is over.


PS: I totally got off point with this post! Initially I wanted to share the recipe XD Okay, tomorrow then, inshallah … Take care 🙂

Hijab mess!


The alarm goes off and rudely awakens you. Damn it, it’s monday morning! You are nestled-down in a warm and cozy blancket and the least thing you want is to leave. But it is time to get up. Sleepy as you are you force yourself to somehow crawl out of bed. Your eyes are burning. A numbness is spreading across your body. However you manage to go to the bathroom and wash your face, brush your teeth and get dressed. Finally it is time to choose the right hijab for your outfit. You open the drawer. image (3)   “Oh no. Now I’ll be late for sure!”. How is anyone supposed to find something in this mess?! 🙂 Well, there is a solution to the problem: You can keep your scarves nice and organized by just rolling them up! Why you should really start rolling up your scarves:

  1. It’s practical! Rolled up scarves will require less space and you will be able to fit more into the drawer.
  2. You will have a better overview! Instead of putting them on top of one another you can organize your scarves next to each other.
  3. It’s tidy! Grabbing a scarf will be easier as you are not messing up the others.

image (6)

image (8)

In here are all my winter pashminas and also casual scarves that I would wear in the garden or at home.

image (5)

In a second drawer I have all my most worn summer scarves …